We’re here to elevate the self-care experience and artistry of Black women. Each of our puzzles features curated work from a Black female artist to reflect our well-being, values, and magic.

  • Aminah Dantzler

    Aminah is a visual artist and professional painter. She started her art career and painting journey in Spring of 2016 and it has blossomed into a small business that she is so proud of. As a Black woman and creative, all of her artwork centers around capturing the unique and diverse essence of other women, especially Black women. She always hopes to find the beauty and emotion in others that is relatable yet multi-dimensional.

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  • Denine Cheesman

    Denine is a creative in every sense of the word, using art and design consistently in all aspects of her life for recreation and expression. She recently launched her digital art business as a means of fueling this passion for visual art, sharing her work and developing her skillset. Formally trained in both architecture and urban planning, she is also interested in creating memorable architectural experiences and user-centered urban designs and finds ways to incorporate artistic expression into this work as well. Not surprisingly, her artwork is often inspired by architecture, streetscapes, and other elements of the built environment, as well as her own culture and experiences as a Trinidadian. She also seeks to capture the beauty and magic of women of color in the hopes that others can see representation in her pieces and feel empowered.

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  • Tye Jiles

    Tye is an illustrator, collage artist, and a surface pattern designer who began creating art at a young age and transformed that passion into a career. Her artwork focuses on the beauty and culture of African-American people. She uses vibrant colors and shapes to create a visual playground for those who love art. Her goal is to create art that makes a statement and tells a story about her love for people, heritage, and respecting the beauty of different cultures.

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