A Note From Our Founder

Hey Sis!

Allow me to officially welcome you to our tribe.

During the peak of the pandemic, I found myself struggling with anxiety and depression due to a toxic work environment. My therapist suggested that I try recalling times from my childhood that brought me joy.

The first memory that came to mind was sitting at the kitchen table doing puzzles with my grandmother and the peace I felt in those moments. I decided to give puzzles a try as an adult and quickly fell in love. It became a form of meditation for me as I would sit down and focus on putting an image together piece by piece. It gave me something to look forward to and a great way to ease my anxiety.

I created Rvl Wellness to help other women rediscover their joy and secure their peace with every piece.


  • Our Mission

    At Rvl (re-vel) Wellness Co., our mission is to help improve the overall well-being of women everywhere by offering alternative rituals of self-care.

    We are proud to feature artwork created by Black women that reflect our beauty, our values, and our dreams. So take a deep breath, allow yourself to unwind, and join us in a revel wellness moment.

    Our Vision 

    We are creating a safe haven for Black women to discover and explore self-care in their lives. Our intentional approach and products will guide our community on their paths towards healing and building stronger generational relationships.

    Our Community Initiative

    We are deeply committed to addressing the unique challenges Black women face through a nurturing platform that addresses the mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

    As part of our commitment, we donate a portion of our sales to nonprofits that offer unique and powerful mental health resources to our community.

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