4 Ways To Step Up Your Puzzle Game

4 Ways To Step Up Your Puzzle Game

By Shaquana Rodd

Here at RVL Wellness we take movement meditation seriously, and it is our sincere mission to serve as your go-to home to recharge and regenerate from the pressures and responsibilities we’re faced with daily. Our Founder, Brittny got her peace back when discovering her love for puzzling and just how that was a catalyst for bringing in peace, mood regulation, and overall happiness. From conception, RVL Wellness has been intentional in serving black women who often feel overworked and quite frankly exhausted mentally, physically, and spiritually. We feel you and we see you but most importantly, we got you! Know that you’re not alone, you have a whole RVL Tribe here to lift you up. So, this September let’s slow things down a notch and reclaim our time by stepping into self-care and upping our puzzle game just a bit.


Create Dedicated Quiet Time

Life sure did seem to be simpler when we were younger, that’s because we didn’t have a care in the world other than schooling. Now that we are faced with juggling work, school, kids, spouses, and household duties, does that really leave any time for us to exhale. Pouring from an empty cup can be detrimental when it’s not being replenished. Burnout is the last thing we want for ourselves, that’s why it’s crucial to set time aside so that we can restore our time, energy, and spirit to better present our best selves out to the world. Implementing a routine or scheduling dedicated time for yourself to quiet your mind and enjoy moving meditation through puzzling can improve your mood, enhance your problem-solving skills, and lower your stress levels. And we could all benefit from lowered stress because it is not conducive to our overall well-being. Remember healthy routines build healthy habits which make for a healthier you!


Think Big

Don’t think small friend, think BIG! Never think a task is too large or a goal is too huge for you to accomplish. If there is a will, there is a way. Just like the tortoise and the hare, slow and steady wins the race, just pace yourself. But at all costs, Protect Your Peace with our intricate 500-piece puzzle. Challenge your mind and focus by selecting a puzzle that will allow you to exercise your mental agility and stamina. Tackling a puzzle of this size will allow you to spend intentional time ravishing in self-care while detoxing from bright lights, digital devices, and attacks on your nervous system. Think of this as your personal project and take your time doing so. Life is a marathon not a sprint, don’t feel pressured to finish it all in one day. That’ll give you something to look forward to until it is complete. Over time, puzzling has been found to improve one’s memory, attention to detail, and to increase one’s IQ which helps to keep our brains sharp and constantly in use. Use this as quiet time or simply personal time to de-stress from the pressures and responsibilities of everyday life one puzzle piece at a time. Because you deserve it.


Puzzles with Friends

Don’t want to puzzle alone, then don’t! You can puzzle with your spouse, best friends, or even close family members. We personally think puzzling with a grandparent or elder is priceless. The wisdom and knowledge they impart on us is unmatched and honestly serves as a breath of fresh air. Rather it be a friendly competition or teamwork, activities are always more fun when 2 or more are involved. Think of this as dedicated quality time you get to spend with the people you love and care about the most. Sharing time and interests forge a closer bond unlocking levels of trust, vulnerability, and authenticity. You can even make a thing out of it, people gather for book clubs, why not a puzzle club! Add some wine, a charcuterie board, and an amazing playlist and you’ve got a recipe for a successful puzzle night for you and your crew. Who said improving your brain function couldn’t be fun.


Shop RVL Wellness

If it weren’t obvious enough, we’re crazy about puzzles over here at RVL Wellness and what better way to step up your puzzle game in style than with us. We have a line up of colorful, creative, and mesmerizing new puzzles to choose from; we guarantee there’s a puzzle for everyone. From the 100 piece Wine Down puzzle to the 48 piece Reading & Relaxing puzzle and candle gift set, there is a puzzle to fit the vibe of our dear RVL Tribe! We personally designed each and every puzzle with our tribe in mind. Representation is important to us, and we want you to feel seen, heard, and represented throughout everything that we do here. Our goal is to align our mission with the needs of our RVL Tribe as your go to home for self-care, movement meditation, and black puzzle magic. We’re excited about our new puzzles here and we trust that our new collection is just what you need to usher in a new season of rest, relaxation, and recharge. So don’t walk but run over to www.rvlwellnessco.com and pick up a puzzle from our new collection. Grab one for a friend too!

Puzzling isn’t a senior activity, there are melanated people like me and you who enjoy the thrill of nudging pieces into their correct form bringing a masterpiece to life. Moreso, the peace that these pieces can reign upon one’s mood, subconscious, and nervous system is a remarkable feat. Movement meditation comes in many forms and while our focus is puzzling, we encourage you to connect with the form that connects with you the most. The health and wellbeing of our tribe is what means the most to us and we hope that puzzling can serve as an escape for you. As Summer comes to a close, remember this is just an opportunity to adopt new self-care habits and really get in tune with what your mind, body, and soul really needs to flourish and succeed in this life. Here’s to piecing together our peace from RVL Wellness!

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