Family Night Vibes

Family Night Vibes

Between busy schedules and everyday life it can be difficult to make sure the family gets together. There are so many things going on, and everyone has their own agenda. But being intentional with making time and having something that pulls you all together can give you time to relax and enjoy each others company. Let's get into some way we can set the family night vibes!

If It Isn't On the Calendar Is It Actually Going to Happen?

When it comes to family night, continuity is key. You need to commit to a regular schedule that works for everyone and be sure to stick with it. Try to choose a day that has minimal conflict with other activities or appointments, but don’t worry—if something unexpected comes up, you can always reschedule.

Sending the calendar invite may seem a little too professional but it is an important first step toward making family night happen! Once you’ve done this, make sure everyone knows what the plan is and when they need to arrive. Plan enough lead time so that people don’t feel rushed on their way over (or short-changed if they arrive late). To keep things organized and on track, assign roles like host or put people in charge of snacks or activities so everyone can feel included and know what they are responsible for.

Make it a Tradition

Whether its getting together for a themed dinner once a month or setting aside time to go for a walk, make it something you know is just for the family. Get creative and even create your own game with rules only your family knows. The point is to make sure everyone will enjoy doing something together. 

Switch It Up

Family night doesn't have to just be a movie night or dinner. It's a time to make family a priority. Check-in on how everyone is feeling, work together to complete a puzzle (maybe even a custom family portrait 😉) or family pamper night. Think of it as family self-care. 

Plan Something Special With One Child

Family time could also mean one on one time. You can plan something special with just one child. Choose something they enjoy, are interested in, are good at or even something they can teach you. It's always important to make each child and/or family member feel special. 

Whether you're putting together a puzzle or planning a vacation, we hope your next family night is fun, relaxing and memorable. We know that it can be hard to find time in our busy schedules, but we also think it’s worth making the effort! Leave a comment and let us know what you will be planning for your next family night. 
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