What I've Learned So Far In Life...

What I've Learned So Far In Life...

This past Sunday, I celebrated my birthday surrounded by friends and family. I've taken the past few days to reflect on my life thus far and here are some of the lessons I've learned in life:

Life Lesson #1: Trust Yourself

As a person who has been told by others my whole life what I should like or dislike, this one is especially important to me: trust yourself over anyone else! Your feelings are an excellent guide when deciding how something will make YOU feel in the long run. I'm learning to lean into that 'gut feeling' I get when making a decision. It has been a journey to get to this point, but I'm more confident now than ever in my decision making skills. At the end of the day, I just know what's best for me.

Life Lesson #2: Be open to new people and experiences.

A key part of my journey so far is learning to try new things. You’ll never know what you like or what might change your perspective unless you give it a try. Go to that event, or try that dish that you've always been hesitant to try for fear of not liking it —you never know what surprises await you.

There's no growth if you don't learn to take risks in your life! The more experiences and adventures I have, the more likely it is that something unexpected will happen and help change my perspective on life. I've cultivated the most wonderful network of friends and colleagues through being more adventurous and not allowing fear to keep me from shooting my shot.

Life Lesson #3: Don't be Afraid of Failure and Trust the Process

Another thing I've learned is that being afraid of failure stops us from growing. We must be open to failing so that we can try again, this time with more wisdom than we had before. We can't learn from our mistakes unless we make some first! But don’t worry about making mistakes - everyone does at some point along their journey through life...and guess what? That's okay too! By trusting the process, I'm able to navigate life with more openness knowing that I can always pivot when necessary.

I hope this post has helped you find some inspiration, and maybe even answer a few questions you might have had about life. If there's one thing I've learned from my own experiences, it's that there's no right way to live your life. The most important thing is to be true to yourself and enjoy the journey!

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