Brittny Horne with Tabitha Brown

Gifting Tabitha Brown a Custom Blacky Puzzle

Still reminiscing on the amazing time we had at the Black Girl Social Club Unity Conference in Atlanta!

We got to meet so many new #RVLtribe members from all over the US and beyond! We even got to meet our fave Tabitha Brown! 🥰

I remember watching her do Very Good Monday’s on Instagram last year with her daughter, where they would showcase products from different business owners. At the time I was too afraid to submit any of my puzzles because I just felt like my business wasn’t where I wanted it to be yet. But I always thought about sending in a custom puzzle just for her. So when I saw she was the keynote speaker at the conference I just knew I had to give her the puzzle that I was always too afraid to send before. That being said I had no idea if I would ever actually get the chance to see her, let alone give her a puzzle. I went back-and-forth about it and almost didn’t make it. But then I said to myself, "I’m just gonna manifest this lol I am going to meet Tabitha Brown and I am going to give her this puzzle!" It was a 48pc Custom Photo Puzzle of her dog, Blacky Brown.

I didn’t know how or when I would get the chance to meet her but I knew that I wanted to give her this gift if I did. Auntie Tab has brought so much joy, comfort and laughter to not only my life, but the lives of so many, and I just wanted to offer a small token of my appreciation.

At the very end of the conference after all the guests had left, I thought maybe I had missed my chance. I began to let it go and start packing up my things when all of a sudden I saw her from across the room! I was so nervous and in such disbelief that I almost was too afraid to approach her. But somehow I worked up the courage to walk over, introduce myself and give her the special gift that I made not knowing how she’d react or if she’d even accept it.


Brittny Horne gifts Tabitha Brown a custom puzzle featuring her dog Blacky Brown.

But of course in true Auntie Tab fashion she was so nice and appreciative! And she gave me the biggest hug 🤗

I say all this to say, don’t be afraid to do things just because you aren’t sure how they’ll turn out. Even if you don’t know exactly how you’re going to do something, or if you’ll get the chance, always prepare for the possibilities and speak what you want into existence. So often we psych ourselves out and give up before we even try. But you never know for sure until you do.

So don’t be afraid to just put yourself out there 🤎

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