The Ultimate Girls Night In

The Ultimate Girls Night In

We've all had that feeling when we want to do SOMETHING but outside is just not where we want to be. You want to be social...but not that social. So, let's set the vibe for a girls night in! We get to relax, laugh, talk over a glass of wine, and of course puzzle 😉 — taking some time away from the guys and everything else we have going on. But, you know we're all about being intentional. So here are some ideas we had to elevate the girls night in experience.

What's The Theme, Sis?

Lately we've seen everything from colorful snack parties to Beyonce's Renaissance themed sleepovers. If you want something a little more than just a wine night, use your imagination and get creative. Even if it is simply just girls night in, make sure you're letting everyone know the vibe you want to be on. Are we taking time to have discussions or just taking the opportunity to let loose. Be intentional always. 

We Don't Want Anyone Hangry

What's a girls night in without food and drinks. These can be snacks or full meals, but make sure they are  something everyone will enjoy. Also, try to keep them easy to prepare—it's not worth spending hours in the kitchen when you could be having fun with your friends!

What Are We Doing?

Of course, puzzling is first on our list. We love a good Puzzle and Sip session. It's really a fun and relaxing group activity. Consider it social self-care. Give our Squad Puzzle a try. You can also take it a step further by playing your favorite movies, picking some creative discussion questions to start new conversations or turning on your favorite playlist to get the vibe right. 

We hope this gives you some good inspiration for your next girls night in! One of the other great things about a girls night in is that it requires very little money, so even if you’re on a budget your friends will still be able to enjoy themselves. Feel free to tag us on Instagram @rvlwellnessco to show off your girls night in or puzzle vibes.

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