Thoughtful Last Minute Gifts

Thoughtful Last Minute Gifts

Do the holidays feel like they’ve snuck up on you? Sis, we’ve all been there! Feeling a little unprepared and waiting until the last minute to get those gifts for family and friends. But before you get too overwhelmed, hopefully we can help. And just because the gifts are bought at the last minute doesn't mean they can’t be thoughtful. Take a second to think about what they need and you’ll be pointed in the right direction. Let’s get into a few last minute gift ideas we’ve had in mind.

For The Foodie and The Home Chef

Whether you want to help the foodie in your life step it up in the kitchen with a new appliance, like a Pasta Machine from Amazon, or help them reach those goals you all have been discussing for the new year with Tabitha Brown’s latest cookbook ‘Cooking From the Spirit,’ kitchen/cooking items can typically be easy to find when it's crunch time.There are so many options to explore when it comes to food gifts. Try a gift basket (because who doesn’t love a charcuterie board) or send a few HelloFresh meals if they’ve complained about being too busy. The possibilities are endless and they will definitely be grateful.

For the Boss Lady

The boss lady in your life will always need something that’s going to either save her some time, make things more efficient or help her to elevate. Chances are with the end of the year craziness she hasn’t even thought of getting that 2023 planner yet, so notebooks and organizers like The Top 3 Notebook are always a great go-to. Elevate her morning coffee with a Smart Mug or even put down a deposit or pay for that coach or class she’s been putting off taking.

For A Little More Self-Care

You know the #RVLTribe is always here to help you elevate the self-care experience. Whether they just have time for a min wellness break or need a full day of quiet time, RVL Wellness Co. offers a range of puzzles for your loved one to bask in their peaceful moment. Give the generous gift of self-care and help your family and friends renew their energy with our handmade puzzles.

For the Fashionista

You know a gift card to your friend's favorite boutique can always be an option (because honestly who wouldn't be happy to shop) but of course there is always a way to take it a step further. Shop an outfit from their favorite influencer's LTK page or maybe pay for a couple months of a clothing subscription like Nuuly or Rent the Runway. The fashionista in your life would love to try something new. 

For the Fitness Goals

As we get closer to wrapping up the holidays that usually brings in the "new year, new me" fitness and health goals. If this is something your loved one has been talking about, why not jump start their goals with their gift. Purchase classes that you all can do together, get them some cute work out gear or put together a gym bag gift set. 

This is just a reminder that as a last minute gift giver you do have options... and thoughtful options to be specific! The holiday season can be the happiest time of the year but it can also come with a lot of pressure, but don't let it stress you out! Thoughtful and useful are always the way to go sis. Let us know if the comments some last minute gifts you'll be purchasing. 

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