Unwind Your Mind Because It's Spring TIme!

Unwind Your Mind Because It's Spring TIme!

By Sascha Ealey

Spring Has Sprung!

Flowers bloom, the weather warms, windows open, and birds start to sing. Now is an excellent time to check in with yourself and establish new habits to take care of your mental and physical health. With my own favorite types of Spring self-care as a starting point, below are some Spring self-care ideas for you, followed by the specific products I recommend. Think of these ideas as doing a spring cleaning of the self...

Springtime Mindset

When I think of Spring books for adults, I think of rebirth, sun mixed with rain, starting over, love, light, and second chances. Zalika Judah’s book The Secret Spirit of Humanity is a spiritual book designed to guide you to dive deep within yourself to align with your greater purpose and bound to make you feel renewed:

Will you take the first step; to reconnect with yourself? If so grab the book and begin the journey to be a better you. Remember sis, you can’t pour from any empty cup! 

Burn A Floral or Fruity Candle

Scented candles may be a newcomer, but it is a trend that will stay for years to come. It is a timeless piece in every person’s safe space, be it their homes to their bedrooms. Burning scented candles has to do with sensory and emotions. This scent-memory can affect the mind in a positive way, which is part of taking care of your mental health.

We are currently loving the Musta Been The Wind candle by FORVR MOOD. It's the perfect combination of floral and fruity scents to start the new season off right.

Time To Start On That Puzzle!

If you’re looking for a new way to relieve stress, you’ll find the benefits of doing a traditional puzzle. In addition to jigsaw puzzles challenging us, it also helps us to relax. The shift in consciousness comes with many benefits including the ability to make deeper connections, improvement of your mood, and can even lower your heart rate. 

My favorite RVL puzzle is Sairan. When it's put together, you see a depiction of a confident, melanin woman. Her body language speaks of balance, control, and grace. Her crossed legs speaks "I am here!" Her jewelry brings out the richness in her skin. The thickness of her hair just adds to her beauty. Literally you will be a woman putting the puzzle together, but figuratively you see a put together woman. This puzzle serves as a reminder to take pride in your brownness and love every curve of your body. 

Check out our collection of self-care puzzles today and get started!

Transition to a Spring Skincare Routine

Swap heavy Winter skincare for lighter Spring skincare products. I recommend Buttah, one of the best skincare products for women of color. Light on the skin for this type of weather.          


Listen To A Spring-Themed Playlist

We looked toward the sunlight of spring at the end of the dark tunnel of winter. Spring is a promise, a ray of light through the crack in the door, and a budding flower. So why not listen to music that speaks to this season of new possibilities. Here’s a playlist on YouTube to help you bring out that confidence for the warmer weather to come.


These Spring self-care ideas will help you feel refreshed and renewed. From having a healthy mindset to switching up your skin care routine. Now is the time to boost your mental health with these self-care tips. So, celebrate the season of rebirth by challenging yourself to do at least one of these activities.

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Amazing advice and just in time to embrace the wonders of the new season!

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