6 Fun And Creative Group Self-Care Activities You Will Love

6 Fun And Creative Group Self-Care Activities You Will Love

By Sascha Ealey


The appeal of summer has been marked as a time to be with friends as a part of social self-care. I’ve been exploring this topic among friends and loved ones. When I’m with them, the pressure just melts away. Why? Because I know I am safe and can be myself around them. I know that they see me as a complex, beautifully flawed person trying to navigate this world just as they are. Like any good friend group, we celebrate our ups and express our downs. I never take for granted supportive spaces like these. That's why I wanted to share some fun and creative activities that can be done in groups, so that you can experience some social self-care as well...

1. Wine Tasting

Black hands cheers with wine

You really can’t go wrong with wine and your girls. Going to a wine vineyard is a fun and classy activity. Vineyards create a sense of well-being when you walk through the growing vines. Seeing the grapes growing in summer, while mingling with others is a very relaxing experience. You may even get lucky and make your own bottle of wine. Take in lots of sunshine, participate in summer-exclusive activities, sometimes live music, and all the things associated with summer when you visit a vineyard. 

You can also plan a virtual hangout. Even if you all can’t get together, you can still have a virtual reunion. Have everyone order the same offerings from a local wine shop. Set up a time for a video call to catch up and enjoy the sweet life!

2. Self-Love Games

A jar of positivy


The concept of self-love has gained a great amount of attention in recent years, with more and more people recognizing the importance of it. One way to cultivate self-love is through playing self-love games. 

These games offer an enjoyable and playful approach to practicing self-care and building positive relationships with ourselves and others. Self-esteem games are a great tool that provides a safe and nourishing space to explore and celebrate our unique qualities, skills, and interests. 

A game I recommend is the positive note swap. This is a healthy, self-esteem-themed activity where you write positive notes to each other and put them in a jar. Each person will then take turns picking out a note and reading their positive comments out loud to each other. 

3. Challenge Yourself With A RVL Wellness Puzzle 

Doing a puzzle together is a great way to catch up with one another and simultaneously strengthen your communication skills. Our Soul Sisterhood puzzle represents your meaningful female friendships, which is good for your mind, body, and soul. From the unity of the jigsaw puzzle, the pieces come in an image of a group of friends enjoying themselves on vacation. The puzzle pieces hold hands in a special way as you build the story together with your sister girls. Each piece is as vital as the next. From one piece, colors grow from the edges. 

This exercise is about team building and connecting with your friends. Afterall, sisterhood is based on trust, loyalty, forgiveness, compassion, and dependability. The friendship goal is putting together a Soul Sisterhood puzzle

4. Dinner Around The World

Food from around the world

Remember those slumber parties in high school where you ate junk food and laughed until you cried? Well, what about bringing those nights back, but with a girls night upgrade?  Have each of your good girlfriends bring a different appetizer or small bite inspired by a cuisine from a different region of the world. Have labels ready to identify the name of the dish, where it is from, and the ingredients. 

5. Escape Room

Escape room door

A lot of people love a challenge and working together to solve a mystery can be a lot of fun. It’s a unique experience that offers collaboration, problem-solving, and team building. This game encourages you to think outside the box and utilize everyone’s strengths, making it an enriching experience for all involved! Who else would you rather be locked in a room with other than your best girls? You will create quite a memorable experience. 

6. Book Club With A Twist

This is the original girls night! Go old school and pick a book to read and discuss. Try something new by having everyone bring their favorite book to swap and each guest can go home with a new read. Also, many authors love interacting with book clubs and will host Zoom get togethers with their fans. Do some research on author ideas or ask your local bookstore. 

There’s nothing like a little girl time to make you feel refreshed and recharged. If people in your crew aren’t comfortable gathering in a large group, many of these activities can work just as well remotely. Get creative and mark some time on the calendar for you and your friends!

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