Self-Care, Spas &  Satisfying Vibes

Self-Care, Spas & Satisfying Vibes

By  Shaquana Rodd 

Summer is a time for traveling, going to the beach, and enjoying something new and exciting in your life. So why not try something new this year but let’s make it self-care? Self-Care is something that will never go out of style, and while some would deem it as selfish to put yourself first without thinking of others, I would go on to express that it åis the exact opposite. Being drained and depleted leaves you with an empty cup with nothing left for yourself or others. So in fact thinking of yourself is in fact thinking of others. We all have different mediums of refilling our cup like much needed quiet time or taking a solo vacation, however, RVL Wellness would like to share what we believe is a wonderful wellness practice that will not only have you feeling revitalized afterwards, but renewed and ready to take life on.

Ugo Artistry is luxury spa owned and operated by Chidimma Ekwem. This practice whose locations can be found in both Charlotte, North Carolina & Houston, Texas is not biased in awarding both women and men a relaxing, yet lavish experience away from the constant grind and hustle of daily life. Ugo Artistry is known for providing a top of the line luxury experience with clinical plant based products, amazing customer service, and clean, welcoming environment. The owner, who has years of experience in the beauty industry, built this practice with the aim to provide a luxury self-care and holistic wellness experience for all. As an esthetician she not only offers skin care services such as facials, but goes above and beyond to offer corrective full body care services like waxing, V-Steams, massage therapy, and sauna services. You can learn more about Ugo Artistry’s service offerings by visiting there site here and check them out on Instagram as well.

In addition to the services provided, you can also purchase eGift Cards and some of the many products used during the Ugo Artistry experience to maintain your care in between appointments. The options are truly plentiful, from hosting Spa Parties to Sound Bath Facials, it’s safe to say this self-care haven is definitely top two and not two. Not to mention, Ugo Artistry love and appreciate their clients so much this luxury spa is offering some very attractive specials for the month of June including a Gentleman’s Facial, Half Leg Wax, and Cavitation/Detox Combo. The vibes are there, the specials are there, the only that is missing is you! Also be sure to look out for more specials as July approaches, you never know what could be in store. 

Spa dates are perfect no matter the occasion or season. Our bodies will always give up signals when we are in need of something. We urge you to listen to that little voice and take the necessary steps to implement any source of self-care in your life that will allow you to address the issue at hand before it worsens. Sometimes, as a people we have a tendency to overwork and overwhelm ourselves for the sake of “getting the job done” without considering how it can potentially impact our mental and/or physical wellbeing. Being awareness of your needs first requires you to quiet your mind and pay attention to the tension, aches, and internal changes that impact us. When you really pay attention and you can begin to implement measures to sustain your wellbeing. Spa treatments are an excellent way to regain peace, relaxation, and release from the external world. Ugo which is Igbo for royalty and strength is exactly what you’ll get when visiting here. So don’t walk but run to Ugo Artistry to experience your very own spa treatment and don’t forget to tell them RVL Wellness sent you! Until next time #RVLTribe remember your health is your wealth, stay blessed and stay well!

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