Fitness Enthusiasts That Will Help You Have A Fit Girl Summer

Fitness Enthusiasts That Will Help You Have A Fit Girl Summer

By Sascha Ealey

Whoever said summer bodies were made in the winter, lied. It can happen all year round, but the wintry weather is easier for excuses not to work on your physical body. Healthy bodies are made through slow and steady consistency and what better way to do that than in warmer weather. Summer has arrived and it is time that we do a wellness check on where we are physically. 

Feeling uninspired with your current routine? Not making progress with losing body fat, building muscle, or getting strong? Struggling to stick to a plan? Then this blog is MADE FOR YOU. Black women have been always likened to being a less physically active group compared to women of other races/ethnicity, with reports of high obesity and other cardiometabolic diseases among them. The purpose of this blog is to showcase physical activities for women of color to  break these barriers that inhibit our participation. I’ve created this round up of phenomenal fitness coaches to remind you that physical wellness is for you and there are spaces for you to join fitness programs. The first step towards having a fit girl Summer is making sure your physical well-being is in check.

Here is a doctor that gives patients a personalized experience on how to be well physically:

Dr. Latifa A. Pacheco is a board-certified Family Medicine Physician. She has been practicing medicine in the greater Sacramento area since 2017. Her medical interests include preventive medicine, integrative medicine, and obesity medicine. Understanding that obesity is the root cause to many diseases, she is the owner of Enfusion Health and Wellness to better manage her patient conditions. Enfusion Health and Wellness was started by Dr. Pacheco after her personal scare with diabetes. After treating herself with diet and exercise alone, she realized there was more than just prescribing a pill. For Dr. Pacheco, the patient is not just a number. She created a healthcare model that provides affordable, personalized, proactive, direct healthcare to patients.

Enfusion Health and Wellness is more than just a primary clinic. It is also a medical spa! That’s right ladies, a medical spa! Providing services such as medical peels, hydrafacials, laser hair removal, microneedling, and so much more!

If you are interested in learning more about Enfusion Health and Wellness, click here.

The second step towards having a fit girl summer is making sure we have our fitness in check. This means that we have to make sure we are committed to a strength training program that encourages us to move. 

Here Are Three Fitness Instructors That Will Help You Get And Stay Snatched

A couple of years ago, working out was part of my therapy. It was part of living a balanced life. That time I spent on myself paid out in a thousand different ways in the lives of those I loved. We were all interconnected. Looking after me is part of looking after them. 

Ena L. Shed a.k.a Coach E, is a Prophetic healer and an integrative health and wellness coach.

Ena understands, respects, and teaches the value of balancing the mind, body, and soul through the Holy Spirit to help believers manifest a healthy Christian lifestyle. She has online fitness classes ranging from breathing and stretching to Pilates. Private sessions are also available. You can find Ena on facebook live giving us free exercises to keep our bodies moving. Click here for more about wellness living with Ena.

Laci Chisholm born in Rock Hill, South Carolina, has been dancing nearly as long as she has been walking. Her desire to express herself has driven her passion for dance and has given her a remarkable creative outlet. She is the founder and CEO of Fit4Dance, a studio in Brooklyn, NY that provides fitness dance classes to beautiful women across New York City. Laci decided to open Fit4Dance for three reasons: to encourage African American women and children to take charge of their health through exercise, to unify diverse groups of people through the common love of dance, and to organize charitable giving and volunteer opportunities within the community. 

Fit4Dance is dedicated to bringing quality and affordable dance and fitness instruction to communities that need it the most. Fit4Dance offers a comfortable space where people can have fun, learn to dance, improve, improve their fitness and health, explore new cultures, and most importantly express themselves. Classes include hip hop, cardio, Zumba, and soca. There are so many ways to join Fit4Dance such as live zoom classes, purchasing on demand classes, or subscribing to the YouTube channel.

It is very family oriented. I took her sensual yoga class years ago. We’d warm up doing some stretching. It was all a part of the routine that kept our bodies functioning so well. I did that with my thoughts too, letting my reactions become a simple “warm up” and then stretching my perceptions a little wider before going for the serious exercise. My brain needed to touch its toes as much as my body did. Join the Fit4Dance community here.

Quianna Lashea is a certified personal trainer and fitness enthusiast from Northern New Jersey. As a trainer, Quianna develops the whole person(mind and body) by focusing on building confidence. She is determined to empower her clients on their journey to a healthier lifestyle by creating a safe space for them to do so by Rehab by Qui in 2020. At Rehab by Qui, a tailored, life-changing approach is provided for your health and wellness. The fitness sessions are designed by women for women. The ideal program is designed with the client in mind based on personal goals,  schedule, medical history, life challenges, and level of motivation. Highlighting the connection between fitness and loving yourself unconditionally, Quianna works to ensure that every aspect of the Qui2Health brand embodies her slogan “If mentally you want it, physically it’ll show”. You can learn more about Quianna here.

Taking care of yourself provides you energy to take better care of those around you. The healthier you are, the better partner, parent, and person you will be. When you feel good, you make decisions with clarity instead of getting overwhelmed by the stressors of life. Most importantly, be gentle with yourself. Even the most fit among us will fall off the wagon from time to time. Remember to indulge and enjoy yourself in between your healthy ways and exercises. Understand that the goal isn’t to be thin, but rather the desire to be healthy and strong. So work on your melanated bodies with as much intensity as you do your mind.

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